Sandra Mbuthia

With an expertise in Digital Marketing Coordination, Sandra has a passion for making an impact on social media through vibrant & modern presentations. She authentically showcases her clients by creating organic & engaged audiences with consistent branding. By thinking outside the box, Sandra is able to present her clients in new and bold ways.


Danielle S.

Danielle’s creativity and intuition coupled with her passion for socially conscious and ethical digital marketing allow her to achieve successful execution and implementation of social media. With a curious mind, she stays on top of the latest trends and cross references these trends with data and research to provide insightful recommendations for the overall marketing strategy.


Mike St. Jacques

With over 12 years of digital marketing experience, Mike is an expert in creating and managing digital content to connect organizations with prospective customers. He has a strong background in SEO and believes in honest, transparent messaging to drive real results for our customers.


Matt Edwards

After working with some of Canada’s most recognized brands, Matthew co-created Passionate Media Marketing with Stephanie to deliver ethical, high-quality SEO and content service to the industry with 10+ years of experience. He’s an advocate for numerous social causes and climbs rocks when he’s not working.


Stephanie Stover

Stephanie co-created Passionate Media Marketing with her partner to bring their own brand of vibrant, ethical marketing to the industry. She uses her 13+ years of digital marketing experience coupled with a Bachelor of Arts in Leadership to provide customers with modern marketing strategies that turn continually client investments in ROI. Because she doesn’t like […]