Local SEO is crucial if you want to show up in local searches.

Get found faster, make more revenue with our Local SEO.

Our Local SEO Package is designed to improve traffic, local keyword performance and conversions through GBP optimization, citation building, review acquisition and on-page improvements. Each strategy is designed to address major Google signals and give you the quickest ROI possible within the SEO industry.

This package is ideal for any local business that attracts customers using Google’s local pack or GBP. There are certain industries we have more experience and expertise with:

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Research and Planning

Our research and planning stage includes creating comprehensive local SEO audits that uncover the main issues and projects for each and every client.


      • We find and address the main technical issues affecting any site.
      • We review and create recommendations on Google Business Places listings.
      • We research the current keyword landscape and find viable targets for the best performance and improvement.
      • We audit our clients’ backlinks to determine their current standing and where we can create the best improvement.

With these audits, we create a Project Management Plan that outlines our strategy, each individual project and timeline that we adhere to.

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Google Business Places Optimizations

Google Business Places is the core of any local strategy. Any business that engages in a local campaign will need to have an active, optimized Google Business Places listing. The initial stages of our strategy will involve updating and improving the core information within the Google Business Places listing.

This includes:

NAP Information

Updating and correcting your business’ name, address and phone  numbers (NAP) on your GBP listings.

Pickup and Delivery

Optimizing for pickup or delivery, so that customers understand how these functions work and where to find them.


Helping Google better understand your business with relevant categories, giving it clues about how to rank it within each industry.

Photos and Images

Uploading relevant photos and images to help users get a better sense of your business, your products and your culture.

Products & Services

Building out your products/services in the listing, allowing customers to interact with your business’ offers directly in the SERPs.

Google Posts

Connecting with your audience via Google posts providing them with news, updates, offers and other important information.


Optimizing accessibility options, amenities, payment options or other important information customers should know.

Ongoing Maintenance

Analyzing new changes within the algorithm, performing new optimizations and fixing any issues that arise on an ongoing basis.

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Citation Correction and Creation

Citations are mentions of a business on high-value sites, such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, Bing Places and others. When this information is correct and up to date, Google uses it to help boost rankings. When there is incorrect information, it can hurt keyword rankings. Passionate Media engages in citation campaigns to help find, correct and fix any citation errors.


This process includes:


Reviewing the citation profiles, finding all places where citations are non-existent, incorrect or duplicate.

Correction & Creation

Correcting or creating up to 75 citations on high-value sites. This includes removing sites that have duplicate citations.


Monitoring citations, addressing any issues that may arise and updating any information that comes up.

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On-Page SEO is a part of Local SEO, and we ensure that our clients’ sites are primed to perform their best.

Our strategy includes:

Technical SEO

Addressing all technical issues affecting the site so that each site follows Google best practices.

Meta Tag Optimization

Optimizing each page for our target keywords and tracking their performance for measuring success over time.

Content Optimization

Creating and editing content for best performance and readability.