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Increase Your Profits With Paid Media

When you need to start generating leads as quickly as possible, our paid media service is a high-quality and cost-effective solution to your marketing needs. Passionate Media works to get you qualified leads that deliver a positive ROI on every campaign.


  • We use ethical, white-hat tactics that are designed to stay on the right side of Google. We are committed to providing sustainable solutions that keep delivering ROI in the long-term.
  • Never sign a contract. We don’t lock our clients in. We know you’ll stay with us because you see the quality and the value of our work.
  • You own all of your digital assets. When we sign you up for Google Ads, Facebook Ads or anything else, we use emails that you want. You will always have access to your data, and we will never hold your data hostage.
  • We work just like a part of your team – not as a replacement. It’s our mission to collaborate with your team and bring our experience to help lift everyone up.
  • Our full-service marketing agency means that if you need additional services, we offer them. From paid media to email marketing to social media, our in-house team has the experience to integrate a marketing mix that works for you.

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    Our Proven Process

    Our tried and true process has produced measurable results for clients of all sizes and across all industries. No matter what type of service you need, we stick to this process for one reason; it works.

    To kick things off, we schedule a discovery session with you and your team. Our aim is to understand your business, the industry you’re in, and your organizational goals. This step is critical for us to begin planning and formulating your new online strategy.

    After we have gained a solid understanding of your business, we get straight to work on creating a customized digital marketing plan that fits within your budget. We’ll create a project plan that outlines the specific action items we’ll perform to reach your goals.

    We can’t measure your success if we’re not tracking it properly. We’ll perform an analytics audit to ensure we’re able to accurately track your data and KPIs. This provides us with the insights we need to ensure we meet your goals.

    Now it’s time to let our expertise shine as we roll up our sleeves and get down to the work of building and launching your campaigns. Depending on the campaign, it may involve research, copywriting, design, and whatever else it takes to get your campaigns live and running.

    Once your campaigns have been launched, data on their performance will begin to gather. We continually optimize and grow your campaigns to improve your cost-per-acquisition and generate more leads.

    We generate customized reports based on how much or how little information you’d like to see. Some clients only like to see the big-picture data while others want to see everything. It’s entirely up to you. We’re happy to report on whatever is important to you and will help you make business decisions.

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