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Grow Your Audience and Your Revenue

Email marketing and automation are powerful tools to engage with your audience, foster customer loyalty, and generate long-term revenue. From click-worthy copywriting and design to intelligent segmentation and automation, our holistic approach to email marketing is highly adaptable based on your specific goals.

  • We only use white-hat, ethical email marketing practices to ensure you maintain a good sending reputation and rate of deliverability.
  • Never, ever sign a contract. We don’t believe in locking our clients in. When you see the results of your email marketing campaigns, we know you’ll stay.
  • You own all your digital assets. The copy we create, the templates we design, the list we help grow and manage, everything belongs to you. You will always have access to your assets, and we will never hold them hostage.
  • We work as a part of your team – not as a replacement. If you have an internal copywriter or graphic designer, we are always happy to work collaboratively with them.
  • We are a full-service marketing agency. If you need additional services, we offer them. From search engine optimization and email marketing to paid and social media, we have the experience to implement a custom marketing mix that works for you.

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    Get Results With Memorable Email Marketing

    More opens and clicks. Win new customers. Build brand loyalty. Grow long-term revenue.

    Full-service Email Marketing

    Click-worthy Content Creation

    Whether it’s engaging subject lines, compelling headlines, or action-oriented calls to action, our email copywriting is focused on moving your prospects and customers forward through the buying process. We work with you to understand your company identity, brand voice and tone, and the personas of your target audience to ensure we deliver the right message at the right time to the right people.


    Professionally Designed Email Templates

    Great email copy can only take you so far. For the best possible results, it must live within a great email design. When we design email templates, we use imagery and layout to enhance the copy we create. It is also very important to us to convey an accurate representation of your brand. All of our email templates are tested to ensure they are responsive to mobile devices so you can be confident your emails will look great wherever they are viewed.

    Automation That Converts Customers

    Properly implemented automation can drive more traffic and sales by triggering emails based on user behaviour. You can cross-sell products, recover abandoned shopping carts, re-engage existing customers with the latest offers, and win new ones with timely and tailored messages.


    Personalized Messaging with Segmentation

    Simply put, the more personalized your message is, the more successful your email marketing campaigns will be. By using list segmentation, we can deliver the most relevant and tailored message possible to each contact, leading to more engagement and conversions.


    Email Optimization Using A/B Testing and Analytics

    We believe that data should drive decisions. We use A/B testing to learn which subject lines get the most opens, which content has the most engagement, and which ultimately leads to the most sales. We use analytics to see who is engaging with what type of content and when. Finally, we use all of the data to make improvements to our campaigns. It is a constant process of learning and improving.


    Customized Reporting On What Matters to You

    We only want to report on what actually matters to you. Some clients want to see open rates, click thru rates, deliverability stats, and everything else we can possibly report on. Others just want to see conversions and sales. It’s entirely up to you. We are happy to report on whatever is important to you. We’ll even show you how to access the data yourself.

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